Our Mykonos Spring Travel | Pictures

Hi everyone! How has everyone been? Well, I hope?

Yes, I know I haven’t been posting for a while. Sorry!! We have been traveling around but I have not been able to find any spare minutes to go through my huge picture storage (tbh, I was just lazy and overwhelmed) to dig these pictures out!

We traveled to Mykonos in late May to escape what seemed like a never-ending winter in London. Sigh. As you know, we love traveling and going to new places. Mykonos was next in our list of Greek islands to visit, as we can never get enough of the sun, seafood, and the beach.

I do want to take this opportunity to encourage people to travel though because it will change the way you look at life and the world. Since I started traveling, I become aware that life comes in different forms and can be lived in so many ways. I have become more forgiving, less judgmental and always try to put myself in others’ shoes before jumping into any conclusion. Most importantly, I learned that there are so many things which I used to believe in are completely not true, fabricated and utter lies. Therefore, I started to challenge my own mindset and build from scratch -my experiences, values, and visions. Of course, I can’t help but challenge my husband in the same way, so that we both could grow out of our comfort zones.

‘The result will never changed if you keep on doing the same thing’.

Okay, enough of my boring lectures and let’s skip onto the pictures! Shall we?

Now, Myknonos is known as a party island because it has the coolest night clubs and beach clubs with options of unlimited alcohol etc. The music is dope too. Oh boy, my clubbing days are sooo behind me 😂 But we didn’t go there for that. Duhhh🙄 We just love Greece so much 🇬🇷❤️and there is no way we will escape Myknonos. You will see why, later on.

Below is the first picture we took upon our arrival to Mykonos. We have been traveling for 6 hours having to wake up at 1.30am to catch our flight. Of course, we had to shower and refresh ourselves before we could even look half decent like this. I don’t just wake up like this gurrrlll!!🤪

Fish steak, what? Octopus, what? Yes, I do!!!🤗🤗🤗

My husband found this Joanna’s Taverna nearby 👇🏽because we were starving, and we just fell in love with it! I mean, why wouldn’t you? Please bring me back😩..This is the view from our balcony👇🏽. Mykonos, I love you. Sorry, have I not said that already?😅

And the exploration began!!Gyros, so goood!! fatty but good 😜

The following day, I got a whole list of my ‘to do’ things. That transates into -what pinterest wants me to do, literally. Better hurried up but first, selfie!Little VeniceInstagram asked me to come here, so I did #FOMO Here are some pictures taken throughout the day.

We woke up early the next day to capture some pictures. You know, the ones without any other tourists in it so that I don’t have to bloody erase humans using special effects 🙄. But that does mean putting on my deodorant and thick mascara at 7am. No fun but I got the Siti Nurhaliza playlist to keep me company, so I’m fine 😬😬😬. Yes, I’m very patriotic like that 😆🙈

It’s worth every eyebags and uneven eyelids post-early-morning-facial-swelling. Because our pictures turned out niceeeeeee!💪🏽Day 3. What a calm morning. Oh wait, I can see a cruise ship from here and that could only mean one thing: Chinese tourists. And whole damn lots of them!!😰😰😰After our sumptuous breakfast, we walked down to the old town. This is our daily routes; many many stairs up and down. Well, if it is too easy, everyone would have done it right? 🤔 Okay actually, I wanted to stay at a place with a view which does not break the bank, so here we are; up and down the stairs everyday with a speed no faster than the tortoise’s🤣. Why are you so beautiful? Organic, hand-made, gluten-free, vegan ice-cream. Wayyy too many descriptions for food items these days, simply to please the world. Just give me the damn ice-cream please! I thought this is quite cute. The aesthetic is on point. As well as my blouse. My earrings. And my woven hand-bag from Morocco. Nailed it!! *flip hair*This is us, attempting fine-dining. First 5 seconds: wow, this is so cool! 5 minutes later: now, where is my nasi lemak and char kuey teow? Shite, I sound like my mom already 😩🙈😩 Does every door in Greece have to be like this? It’s so annoyingly gorgeous that it constantly paining my eyes and my arms -because I had to take their every single pictures.  Re-visiting our favorite place, Blue Lagoon! Just to show you guys; how NOT to do a wefie. But it’s ok, will post it anyway, cuz I looked decent 😬🙈Our view, while braving the sun to Joanna’s Taverna for lunch. The best pre-lunch viewing ever😍 We are here, yet again, yayyy!Seafood platter.Went to Little Venice for sunset cuz why not? At the cutest Italian restaurant for our last dinner in Mykonos. Belissimo!! And these are our pictures using the live-preview mode. Thank you, technology. Last day in Mykonos! Please give me more sun, seafood and the beach! It was too hot so my ‘makcik’ hat had to make an appearance.

Fun fact about me: I only drink coffee when I travel. I am very caffeine-sensitive so it will make me high all day. The coolest nook, ever.  I didn’t get to shop a lot in Mykonos but I did get some ‘evil eye’ for me and my sis. It was such a relaxing trip and all we did was literally eat, sleep, pictures, repeat. Hope you enjoy feasting your eyes with all these colorful pictures and I shall catch up with you in the next blog!

XX Sophie Voon

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