About Me


My name is Sophia Voon. People at work called me Sophie and my friends called me, Fifie.

Born in Borneo Island I grew up amongst green trees, picturesque waterfall, coolest friends, adventurous food and the sounds of the crickets. Never did I know that 20 years later, I will be leaving all that behind and moved 11,000km away to this place; so-called civilisation.  I have to adapt rather quickly -to speaking English, to understand why we need to queue, to conquer my fear about speaking up.

12 years later, I’m still 11,000km away from my family. And married.

I have a full-time job. I’m a full-time wife. And longing to be a full-time mother. Apart from that, I love to read and write.

My writing is not tailored to specific category. It’s about me, you and the world. Whatever bothers my heart, I love to pen it down. So that I know ten years from now, where I stood. What was I like. What was the day that made me happy. What inspires me. And do I still feel the same.

I am no religious. I hardly go to churches. But I like to debate about my own faith. So that I grow. Spiritually.

I am here for a journey, may be like yourself, to dream of things that I thought I can’t have or desire. I’m here to fake it until I make it.


‘Peace -it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart’ -Unknown



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