Gran Canaria Part 2| Pictures

Happy weekend to everyone! Glad we managed to plough through this week as we were sick after coming back. Viral infection is so not hot! And Ireland is so cold and wet!

*I love cold fresh breeze, I love cold fresh breeze x 1000* 🙄

Anyway, where did we leave it on the last blog post? I think it was where we left for Playa del Ingles which is on the south coast of Gran Canaria. It was about 40minutes bus ride from North (Las Palmas) to South. After we were dropped off, I cheekily stole a hotel’s wifi so that I could find our hotel via google map. Gone were the days when we use physical map! 😂

 This is Gold by Marina. It is a very affordable hotel with 9.2 ratings in It is clean and a walking distance from the beach. Two things that I love put together, side by side.

 It has a Scandinavian minimalistic design

On the first day in Playa del Ingles, we just rested and bought some food from supermarket as it was dark already by 7pm. Not much photography happening but my job of the day was to make sure all gadgets were charged!! 👍🏼

Following day..

 Cam-whoring first before heading out! 💑

Chillaxing in the living area after breakfast

Once the sun was more forgiving, we headed out to the beach. Playa del Ingles is actually a sea resort, along with San Augustin and Maspalomas. At the south of this resort, there is the beginning of Maspalomas Dunes which makes this place rather unique. Sand dunes that coalesced into the beach; something I have never seen before. Of course, we need to take advantage of this for more pictures 😂


 The next day we went to Puerto Mogan. It is a quaint picturesque fishing village on the southwest of Gran Canaria. Some even called it Little Venice. It has some colorful cottages houses which is no more than two stories high as any taller buding is restricted by the government.

 Shameless emo pic in the middle of the port 😂

 Dined at one of the restaurant by the port. Who rocks them sunglasses better?? 😎

 Managed to find this place at the far end of the port. Time for me to release my inner farty artsy 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 At this stage, hubby was like having mantra in the loop-happy wife, happy life 


 Just in case you haven’t notice, I did my own full crown hair braid. It was the day hubby said: you look so cute! Simply because, I harassed him all day the night before to praise me for being cute! LOL! Imagine the face he gave me after that! 😆

That evening, we went down to our local beach for some sunset pictures


To complete our trip we decided to pay a visit to Playa de Amadores on our last full day here. It is in the municipality of Mogan and amongst three others man-made beaches in Gran Canaria. Despite so, it was very well maintained and designed that it was awarded 2014 Blue Flag award.

Once I got off the bus and saw this beach, I know exactly what I wanted to capture. It was so blue and so pretty that I need my Lumix gf6 to soak it all in and translate it into beautiful pixels. Here they are.



  Not forgetting, to stuff our tumny with as much tropical fruits and seafood as possible! It was great to just have food overlooking the ocean.

#icandothiseverydayerrday #treespleasegrowmesomemoney #ihavehusbandiguessthatsthesamething 😝😝😝
We had so much fun doing absolutely nothing in Gran Canaria. Eat, sleep, pictures, repeat. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end (must it tho?) 😭 I will leave you here with some of our remaining photos. I can’t wait to plan for our next trip already!

Where are you heading this summer? 😍😘

   ‘Smile. Happiness looks gorgeous on you’

Ok loves, see ya in the next one!

Sophie Voon xx