Unspoiled Corfu in Spring| Travel

It was in my bucket list to visit all Greek islands and naturally, Corfu is next in the agenda. This leaves Mykonos as the only island that we have yet to visit, but for now, we gonna leave it to the party animals😜

London has just warmed up for Spring and it seems that Summer could be just a fairy tale. Not willing to surrender to the weather forecast, we booked our flights to Corfu, Greece -which btw, will suffer from thunderstorm throughout our stay! Backfire!! 😭Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea and Kerkyra is its central Old Town. It is surrounded by extremely beautiful beaches, the best being on the north west, about 35- 45 minutes drive from Kerkyra but it is well worth it.

We arrived in the morning and slightly too early for our check in. Our first stay was in Kontokali Bay resort and it looked almost deserted. I was surprised when the receptionist mentioned that they were actually fully booked! While waiting for our room to be ready, as usual, I got my new camera out and tried to fulfil the first rule: take pictures of everything! Done!

As soon as we got into our room, we decided to get a room service. No surprise there! Food was just okay, but that bloody burger costs me €22! WTH! Okay correction, it costs my husband €22! Fun fact: he loves me 🤣❤️❤️❤️

We both always have a different routine. Me, cam-whoring. Him, changed into a bathrobe and sipped a glass of wine. Classy😑

That night, we walked outside our hotel along a very narrow village road and stumbled upon this cosy restaurant.

This is not the restaurant. It is probably a haunted mansion

Taverna Roula where we dined

We ordered some fish and octopus -the only thing that we’ll eat for this whole trip.

Towards the end of our dinner, a large group of adorable German retirees stood up and sang few songs on top of their lungs. Hopefully I could insert some clip here. Without being condescending, we actually had a downpour shortly after! ⛈It showed no sign of stopping that the restaurant actually offer us to give us a ride back to our hotel! Oh yes, I expect no less in Greek’s hospitality. 5 stars through and through.

Day 2:

We woke up early for our buffet breakfast at 730am and pride ourselves that early birds get the best worms. But no, all the seats were almost taken and few minutes into it, I knew why. Apparently this resort is a favourite amongst Germans and as you know, Germans are like Chinese -they love their discounts, get the first dip in the pool, chose the best seats on the beach, eat until they explode in a buffet and they love anything that could stretch their bucks as long as the great wall of China. I have nothing against that at all, but that does mean that I could not let the Chinese in me to somehow just chill. Game on!!💪🏼

That morning, we made our way to the Kerkyra old town with a complimentary bus shuttle by our hotel. The Old Town of Corfu is listed as a UNESCO world heritage centre and with the flowers, every corners are Instagram-worthy. I fear that I will spam this entry with millions of flowers but it says on the title, ‘spring’. So suck it up🤣 

Thanks to the live-view-shooting technology, this picture was made possible
Nah, this is just by insta-hubby.

He took over my camera here because he said I did it all wrong🤷🏻‍♀️ He has a lot of opinions these days, I wonder why 😑

Left or right? 🤔

The only time he spent his cash, was on vintage stamps

Time for people watching #membawang

In the evening, while my oppa was busy saving the world, I was creeping around the hotel to get more pictures. Whenever someone stopped me, I just said ‘No English’😂

phievoon.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/6174649776_img_0492.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-3875″ height=”4000″ alt=”6174649776_img_0492″ width=”6000″> Waited for the bees to come into the shot, but I think they went for siesta😝.[/caption]

Chillaxing by the beach

Day 3:

We had to check out and move to our second stay which is in Southern of Corfu at Aelos Bay  Resort. But first, picture! 🙈Here, we were cuffed with an ‘All in inclusive’ tag -breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, ice-cream as well as free-flow alcohol, tea and coffee! Can I just stay here like, forever? The hotel room is much simpler and it has no free WIFI -these are the down-sides. However, when we checked out at 12pm few days later, we still could have lunch and dinner before catching our flight at 10pm! I guess I can’t really complain!

These are the pictures of the hotel and its surrounding beaches.

Day 4:

We decided to just hang around the hotel and enjoy our ‘all inclusive’ privilege. Just in case you’re wondering, I think we got a steal. It costs us €300 for the lodging (4 days and 3 nights) and all inclusive food.

Since it was the 14th General Election in Malaysia, me and my oppa were glued to the phone. We were super anxious and not even the free flow Margarita was able to calm our nerves. My hands were shaking and I could feel the new dawn is coming -but could this be too good to be true?

What feels like donkey years later, finally we got to this point.

I can finally breathe, like properly breathe and somewhere deep inside me, I was crying like a child. I know I sounded so dramatic but it really was an emotional journey.

To celebrate the victory, we went down to Dolphin restaurant, which is also a part of our all inclusive deal for a fine dining experience. I quizzed my oppa about how much he knew of our soon-to-be-appointed 92 year old Prime Minister who previously served as our 4th PM for 22 years. Of course, this was a golden opportunity for me to show off my general knowledge (obtained from reading non-medical books😂) and I casually told him about how Tun Mahathir met his beloved wife, Tun Siti Hasmah.

Later that evening, we had to celebrate with a couple of cocktails.

Day 5:

We made our way to north-west of Corfu to scout the beautiful beaches. We were told by one of the friendly taxi-driver that the best beaches are in Paleokatritsa.

It was surely stormy!! Not!!

Thankfully, we could use the public bus just outside our hotel although this requires us to change bus at the Green Bus Station. Soon after, we arrived in paradise. Of course, the weather was perfect despite the forecast claiming that there will be a thunderstorm. From here forward, I shall let the pictures do all the talking. Alright, may be I will talk just for a wee bit 😂

We decided to go for a boat tour which costs us €10pp. Worth every penny as we had the whole thing for ourselves! 😎 Our guide was really friendly and informative. 

Inside ‘Blue Eye’ cave

In front of Monastery of Paleokatritsa. And this was the time that my camera decided to die on me. Hence I have minimal documentation of this most beautiful monastery I have seen in Europe

Day 6:

Woke up late today as it was our last day! Gonna miss this place so much especially the food, people and its beautiful beaches!

Finally we are at the end of the entry! I lost count of how many times the wordpress app froze on me due to overburdened images! But here we are and thank you for being so patient scrolling until the end! Have a lovely weekend!!

XX Sophie Voon

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