Glamping at Surrey Hills | Pictures

Holiday was very much needed. If you noticed (why would you tho🤔), we have not had our sun☀️ vacation this year, which is rather strange. Of course, this is intentional. First up, was our glamping trip to Surrey. Our previous glamping trip was a blast, so I decided to give it a go, again. Much to my dismay, it was literally snowing ❄️few weeks before we boarded the train to Surrey. Sun, where art thou? #firstworldproblem

Surrey is just an hour away, from London. All we needed to do was making our way to Waterloo train station and from there, we will be transported to the green green grass of Surrey Hills. Except, I don’t just start there of course. I roamed around the train station with an excuse of going to the loo but meanwhile, got myself two cans of free coke (the Chinese in me squealed with delight😜) and took random photos of homo sapiens indulging their sub-par food, which to be honest, looked rather good. They would look even better though, I glanced back, if they’re free. I checked my view finder and allow myself to be only satisfied with the 2D version of it.

As I probed my ticket into the machine, I kept telling myself -the best is yet to come.

Waterloo Train Station

Upon arrival, the gust of wind send shivers down my spine -quite literally. It was so cold and the rain spat down my face without any signs of slowing down. I hold my boo’s hands tight, as if I won’t let go, leeching on every ounce of heat there was. As we stepped out of the taxi onto the welcome sign of Surrey Hills, our mouth agape. The muddy road is not called muddy road for no reason. And when Joan said that we need us some wellies, she really means it! Upppssss!!! 😬

Slowly dipping my Paul Green’s sneakers onto the uneven shovelled path, I sneak a peak around me. Truly, I am home.

Surrey Hill’s kitchen. Just few woods put together and walla! It might not look #instaworthy but somehow, the rather abrupt furnishing brought me closer to childhood.
It was raining all day. And I just heard a ‘trut turt turt’. Very much like the sounds of rain hitting an empty Milo can at our backyard, few decades ago. Now, I feel like I’m a grandmother telling stories from my rugged years 😭
How could you say no to this beauty? Green countryside, a thousand times over💚💚💚
Hello, honey-bee. He’s mine, that’s all. Ohh, I meant the yurt😅
Inside honey-bee, you’d find yourself a sizeable but cold double-bed, a dresser and nevertheless, a potty. The latter, proven to be of most significant.

Hand-carved organic wooden dining table. Actually, not sure if it’s organic -just thought it sounds fancy 😉On the other corner, away from my lens, was my boo, holding bags and bags of our groceries, dying to put them down on this lil thing here. He looked just… well, lovely. Not. 😬

The washroom, duh. I love the rustic feels and the way its windows over-looking the field. I washed my hands and quickly whisked the bubbles away with streaming water pouring down from the tap. Ouchh!!That was freezing cold!! I need to pee now..😱
And you shall shower here, darling. Under my watch. On a more serious note, I showed my brother this picture, he chuckled and said: You might as well stayed in the hotel! 😭I yawned at his ‘insightful’ comment and brushed the negativity down the compost toilet adjacent to it.😡
‘Tell me, how do you ignite the fire? If there is fire, how do you deal with it? Don’t stand too close. Hold it here, not there,’ he (my manager) said. Can. Someone. Please. Kidnap. Him. Already!😑 #glampingorientationweek
Just let me take these pictures in peace. Have you seen Emily Blunt in The Devil’s wear Prada with her hand gestures to Anne Hathaway? 🙄 #marriedaf

Hungry after giving the much-not-needed-naggy talk. He finally succumbed to the good ol’ digestive biscuits, while I played with fire🔥 to my heart content!! Hahahha!!
A beauty
I pretended to read a book here, with my feet reluctantly squeezed into Joan’s 7 year old daughter’s wellies. Sorry to bore you with my existence but this is really the only picture I had of myself for this trip.
Udon, anyone?
Why not cook your breakfast on top of your fire? It’s photogenic and ONLY took an hour to accomplish. Who’s hungry?
An hour to cook and another half an hour for photo-shoot. Anything for the gram.📸
Once we run out of woods to burn, I think we should consider to burn these too. But first, picture! Smile!
We are in the middle of nowhere now. Everything is slow and slower. Just me and the kettle pot, staring at each other -not quite figuring out who would boil first🤣
Glass noodles with egg and char siu. Susshhh, don’t judge my glamping menu.
Yahh, those went straight into the yummy tummy🤤
Clearly this book is not in my F**k budget list. I have read 6 books in 2018 but this one is still not even half-way through -since 2017! Gosh!
One thousand and one filter later #instalife
This view right here. Always made me think of Anne of Green Gables. I have lost count of how many times I imagined her running across the field with her bare foot, rolled in the mud and settled with a candy on her palm. At night, she wished upon the stars and let her mind bring her to places where her body couldn’t.
We started our country walk after the down pour, featuring special appearance by our grumpy manager. I asked him if he too, like me, is acquainted to Anne of Green Gables? He shrugged and moved on. I called him out again, tailing behind like a 5 year old and asked: how about Tom Sawyer? Huckleberry Finn? The Famous Five?🤷🏻‍♀️
I asked again: Can we have a farm? He replied: Yes, if you could keep your cactus alive. Hmm, good point.
ciao bella
I am not asking for much, I don’t think. Just a big cottage house with 7 rooms and 7 acres of land. That’s all.
Doesn’t he look like a Shaolin temple boy who you would hate to get in a fight with? Hmm, yeah, that almost scared me. Almost.
Finally at Prince of Wales. Time for major food coma.
Fish & chips and Shrimps & chips as well as some grass (ie. salad) for deco
Prince of Wales; like every bit of country bar that you’d love
40 minutes of muddy country trail. And one second of precious moment where you almost dipped your nose onto the dirt. All for the gram.
Spring is here. I see it. I smell it🌸
You can either walk ahead. Or, wait around for your camera-whore wife. Well, I guess his choice was obvious😂
Is this an electric fencing wire? There’s only one way to find out. Hmm ya, ok. May be tomorrow.
Came back to this peaceful place where we stared at the moon and count the stars⭐️

The next day, we hopped on the train and transported back to London in no time. I have to say that it was such a unique experience -walking on muddy country trails with wellies, burying your ‘produce’ in the compost toilet with a pitch dark, cold jungle just few metres away. It certainly not at all like the glamping we had in Slane, Ireland which was admittedly more collected, trimmed and proper. Here, the experience was much more raw and closer to true camping experience. How do you want to interpret that is up to yourself entirely.

Despite that, me and mr.hubby had plenty of time exploring our childhood in between all the cuddles! If you have not indulge yourself with the blog entry from our first glamping experience, please click here: Glamping in County Slane.

Happy weekends folks! XX

Sophie Voon

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