‘Me Too’| What Every Girl Should Know

I have not been writing for quite a while. Two months to be exact. And that’s a very long time in digital world.

I have hoped that in 2018, I will write more. I am -however, much more in my bullet journaling rather than my blog though. Today, I am thoroughly inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s speech in the recent Golden Globe which is why, the topic of today’s entry is ‘Me too’.

Are you one of those girls who need to understand at the age of five, that candy don’t grow on trees, so you’d better work your worth?

Are you one of those girls who starved your recess money, so that you have enough to pay for your bus ride home?

Are you one of those girls, who was told that your voice was inconsequential because you’re merely -a girl?

Are you one of those girls, who witnessed the women in your life being abused but taught to feel that it was an acceptable variation of a woman’s life?

Are you one of those girls, who was loved rather little, that every night when you wanted to scream the truth, you’re silenced and policed by those who enforced authority in the name of ‘adulthood’?

Me too. Except, I had my sister. Who’d squeezed my hands and in her own bizarre ways, breathe calmness into my wrath. It was so long ago now but whenever I remembered those cold nights, I still somehow have tears in my eyes.

I do not have a girl (offspring) of my own. But if I do, here are the so many things I wanted her to know:

That she will grow up not needing to count her coins for the bus fare.

That being a girl -is a privilege, not a curse.

That her voice will be heard even in whispers.

That abuse, of any form, is a violation of her human rights. And there are two types of law that shall protects her: Karma and a mother’s love.

That she shall not bend to ‘authority’ which betrays her trust and exploits  her emotional intelligence.

That she will not tucked in with love that worships her. But rather, she will be loved enough -so that she is able to stay tall in truth, brave in exploring her own curiosity, putting her self-worth first and only to love a man after she learned to love herself.

And most important of all, I want her to know that her beauty is not defined by the fashion magazines, how extravagant her 16th birthday will be or how many likes she has on her Instagram. True beauty is kind, generous, loving and multiplied by giving.

I understand that everyone has their own cultural, political as well as religious stance on just about any topics on planet earth. But today, there is a girl holding a gun just so she could survived her journey to school. There is a girl who was gang raped and her family was shamed. There is a girl who was abducted to be a sex worker. There is a girl who was hanged because she wants to be a Christian.

And, the most disturbing part: many million others who said ‘me too’.

Irrespective of your beliefs, perhaps we all could try so that our daughters will never had to say those two words, ever.


P/S: Just in case you have not seen it, here is the link to Oprah’s speech! ❤


Sophie Voon

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