Remembering 2017 | Life lessons

Hello everyone! I know everybody is still feeling heavy from that over-eating feast during Christmas (or is that just me?🙋🏻) but I would like to reflect on 2017, how has it been and what’s ahead for us. I am hoping to describe the year with some pictures so hopefully it won’t be too mind numbing!😅

First of all, 2017 started off with a huge uncertainty for me. I changed my job with 4 weeks notice to a new place where I had to commute an hour each way. I woke up 530am every morning and waited for my bus at 630am -repeat x 6 months. During my one hour journey, I listened to my favourite podcast –How I built this and read the best book of the year titled The Big Leap. Truly one hour felt like 5mins! Fine, maybe more like 20mins 😬 My bus rides costs me €240/month. And not to mention a monthly rent of €2000 -I know! Who else is broke? 😩😩😩 Then we saved every penny to pay electric bills (so that we don’t have candle light dinner every night) and fast fibre-optic internet to watch k-drama!😂 Goblin YASSS!! #priorities😑IMG_3925Anyone knows where to buy that cake which will bring my Goblin to me? But #tbh who else finished their tissue boxes in the house watching this? 🤣

Ok this is the point where I dragged myself out of my comfy duvet and digged into my journal cuz this gurl forgot what is next in the timeline 😅 #foodformysoul #bujoforever Oh yes! This is also the year where me and my self-proclaimed manager aka mr.hubby started meal prep! I know we are kinda late into the bandwagon but we did it because I won’t be cooking everyday due to my long commute. We planned our weekly meals and cooked them every Sunday. We ended up eating out less and were able to enjoy more quality time together at the end of our very long day #cuddlesalldayeveryday #actuallyijustneedhiswarmfeet 😝IMG_4815IMG_4948IMG_6824Few of the examples of what I cooked. I am the type who cooks but lazy to write the recipe. Everything is just agak-agak (a guesstimate). 

Flipping thru my journal though really reminded me of how blessed I am. I started my #bujo (bullet journal) seriously and tried my best to record everyday of my life. Not only it is rewarding and important for my mental health but aesthetically pleasing to the eyes at the same time. Again and again, I was made stronger by smart things people said, for example this one: There are two types of pain, one that hurts you and the other that changes you. 🙏🏽I become quite obsessed with doodling and calligraphy to a point that my self-proclaimed manager said -really, how many pens does a woman needs? 🤣 #cheapmanager #ishouldgetpradahandbags👜👛

IMG_4781IMG_5131IMG_5006I was a calligraphy newbie then so it wasn’t too impressive. Just glad I started!

Early on, we already started our prep for our move to London from finding jobs, getting all the one million paper works ready, registrations, working permits etc. In between all this crazy planning, we flew to Gran Canaria for some winter sun. Plenty of good memories were made especially meeting my only brother 😘 It was a tough time for him emotionally and spiritually but I’m glad he came out stronger ❤️ #alwaysmylittlebrotherIMG_4113IMG_4840#truethat😢

In the month of April, we celebrated my birthday and I even did a blogpost about it here.

Unfortunately, a short two weeks later our precious oldie but goodie car was stolen! 😩 The insurance only paid us peanuts, it was so frustrating. Guess what we did to de-stress? Yumcha!! 😆 You know you are at the lowest of the low when you rolled into the coffee shop with your pyjama #whathashappenedtome #marriage #thatswhat 😜 On a more serious note, we love our old car so much because it carries a lot of sentimental values to us. It accompanied us to all our road trips along the Irish coastal lines and the countryside muddy tracks. It pains me that we parted ways like this as I wasn’t able to say goodbye properly -although we knew the time was approaching for us to let go eventually.

Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve

Once the spring has sprung, we went for glamping in Slane which was nothing but magical. The best part of the whole trip was warming my feet next to the fire, munching on cold pizza, listening to sounds of the pouring rain while reminiscing our childhood memories together.

Wefie in the glamping yurt #instafilter

One of the poems in my #bujo reads like this: ‘I like cancelled plans and empty bookstores. I like rainy days and thunderstorms and quiet coffee shops. I like listening to the sounds of streams and the wind. I like the smell of mornings and the stillness of nights. I like messy hair and over worn pyjamas. Most of all, I like small joys that a simple life brings..’ 😍😍😍 Tapi (but) teacher🙋🏻 -now we have dry shampoo, no more messy hair 😆

Speaking about messy hair, here is my picture getting my balayage done in the salon. IMG_4936Too hot to handle. I just can’t.😱😱😱

The end result. Thank goodness I looked half decent again.

When summer approached, we flew to Italy for the most anticipated trip of the year! We met up with hubby’s family and had a pretty cool reunion. It was a different experience as we moved in a big group but for me, anytime spent with family is always a good times.

Photo-delirium #millennialdisease

Veni. Vidi. Amavi.

I came. I saw. I loved.

And of course, on the last day of July, we moved to London for good. As you probably have read in my entry about our moving experience, it was not a straight forward ordeal. But we are good at reminding ourselves about what is constant and present in our lives so that we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Stars can’t shine without darkness 🌟I have to say though we really love our lifestyle here in London. Only if we could kidnap all our friends from Dublin and live together happily ever after 🤣🤣🤣

Since our move, I decided to slowly creep into the lifestyle of a minimalist. I listed all the things I won’t buy anymore and if I do plan on buying something, it has to be good enough that even if it costs 3x more, I would still buy it. Dont’t get me wrong, I still love shopping. I’m just more aware of my spending habit and do not simply buy things because they are cheap/on sale. Unless yeah, it’s Valentino -then maybe🤣 #seasonalminimalist

One of the highlights of the year is of course, balik kampung (going back home to Malaysia). At this stage we have been deprived of the kueh seri muka for 18 months🤤 We attended the biggest wedding of the year (as per Luca: wedding conference 😝) and able to spent quality time with my family in Krabi. I never fail to pile on some weights but you gotta down that thing first! Exercise who? Ohh you mean: put on some active wear, take selfie and post on instagram?! 😆 #mycardioiscontouring #beautyblenderismydumbell 💅🏼

For the Christmas month, I arranged for me and grandpa (I called him grandpa on the days when he nags more than usual) to have a nice afternoon tea at Hyde Park.

We spent 2 hours chit-chatting (about our fears -how have this changed with time and experience. Yah, we are deep like that🤓😆) and thereafter, made our way to the winter wonderland.It was really crowded but they have plenty of rides and games if you’re into that kinda things. We just had our wurst and soaked in the Christmas spirit as much as we can! The next day, we cooked our Christmas food-madness for just the two of us. Plus some desserts, snacks and wine of course!

This year has taught me a lot of things especially patience. It is not about avoiding things in life but how I react towards them. I also come to realise that my mental health is as important if not more, than my physical health. Taking time to express my gratitude everyday, spending time with friends and journalling have proven to be quite rewarding. That everything good in my life are results of intentional and purposeful habits. And most importantly, it’s completely okay not to be okay -even when the whole world wants you to be ‘strong’.

❤️In the end, she became more than what she expected. She became the journey, and like all journeys, she did not end. She just simply changed directions and kept going❤️ 

As the last day of the year is approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and family who have supported us through thick and thins. Also to those we have crossed path with for showing patience, kindness, generosity and love. For example these silly people who understands that having coffee is as important as saving lives 😚

And this bold man on the right who insisted to put my name on a poster despite me being on another country all together. He who believes in me and encouraged me to fly higher. He who taught me that being a good doctor is great but being a compassionate human is far superior. And lastly, to my manager aka grandpa who has no option but to grow old with me. Thank you for your sarcastic jokes (which you stole from me and pretend you came up with it yourself), for making fun of my #hashtags, for never fail to be amused by my repeated stories and for showering me endless love even on the days when I don’t deserve it. For you, I would wear pyjama without any make-up on for grocery shopping to get your favourite coconut water -anyday #nowthatstruelove

The new year will bring us new kind of challenges and hurdles. Although I can’t say too much about what exactly they are just yet but I hope I can soon -with God’s grace. I have also planned our holiday trips for 2018 and perhaps some local adventures too! For the brand new season, I wish that I can read more books and be inspired to write meaningful stories in my blog. I knew that the year 2018 will fly through with a blink of an eye so I am hoping to be more consistent with my writing and picture documentations.

What are the positive changes you are looking for in 2018? Whatever it is, never lose sight of the bigger picture and savour each and every moments with your loved ones! Remember to value your 3 most important assets: Health, safety and time.

God bless you!IMG_5386Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

XX Sophie Voon

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