Dealing with negativity | Self-empowerment

I have been surrounded by negativity lately, hence wanted to write about it.

And I have come to realised that human complaint way too much. Too busy but little time. Too many works but little money. Too tired but little holiday. Too many complaints but zero solutions.

Unfortunately negativity is not a brand new phenomena. It is like skinny jeans; that once back, shows no signs of slowing down. It can be too tight to wear but we all love wearing it because it is exactly that -fashionable. That if we don’t complaint we don’t have a sense of belonging. And everyone loves (Raymond😆) squeezing themselves into the pity party.

My earliest memory of negativity is when I was five. I remembered a passing stranger commented that I looked like an ugly boy wearing a skirt😩. Back then, me and my sister always had short hair and with my tan complexion, I certainly turn heads -in a bad way. Too many times, people mistaken me as adopted because I looked too ‘different’ than my two elder sisters who bounced with grace and blessed with my mom’s milky fair skin. I understood that it was a negative utterance but somehow I was never bothered.

Things started to escalate very quickly with full swing of negativities when I started high school. Girls called me names and sometimes mouthed some foul remarks that I can’t stomach. Nothing was good enough. When I speak English; I am a show-off. When I speak nothing; my lips apparently were too ‘pouty’. When I socialised with girls; I was dominant. When I talked to boys; I ‘perasan’ (Malay word for flattering oneself). When I won; I am a teacher’s pet. When I lose; serves me right.

But all these never really bothered me too -except one thing. Rumours about my mom and dad. How they are not happy -together. Because it’s true 😢 Apart from my occasional crying spells in the school’s loo, I never bring any of my heartache home. Because home was where the thick clouds awaits, the thunder roared and my inner-child shattered into a thousand pieces. I had to learn reading body languages, understand the many meaning of silence and adapt into surviving the vast gaping emotions.

And because of this, I don’t complaint. Not because I do not wish to but rather, I can’t.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

I have decided very long time ago that I will be happy and my journey towards happiness has been a fulfilling one. If you keep telling yourself that you will be happy ‘only if’ you achieve certain things in your life -trust me, you will never be happy even after you have them. Truth is each time you are happy, you self-sabotage by putting yet another pre-requisition for you to be happy. Do yourself a favour -be happy to your heart content, today.

Life is short, yes. But is also beautifully painful at the same time😢 It is painful because we kept on being denied of our basic rights: freedom of speech and expressions, freedom of torture and slavery, the rights to life, respect, education and peace. But it is undeniably beautiful because within each of our stories lies hope -the only thing that keep us going. However, be aware that there are two big categories in life: things that you can’t control and things you can. The later is where you must shine🌟

If negativity enveloped your psyche today please remember: anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. 

Keep yourself grounded with small little things that makes you truly happy: you family, your lil ones, your soulmate, your best friends, your dogs and even your silly pictures where you looked like an ugly boy wearing a skirt😆

Negativity persists only when you breathe life into it. Stop. Now.

And of course, during this Christmas season🎄☃️❄️🎅🏼curb your negativity by giving. No matter how small, you will surely to change someone else’s life. If you do need some self-help book (which I do all the time), you can check this out: The life changing magic of not giving a f**k (that’s quite self-explanatory🤣). Also don’t forget to write yourself a daily positive affirmations in your spanking brand new 2018 journal! 😜 #alliwantforchristmas #stationeryaddict #bulletjournalling #ijustcouldnthelpit 🤓

With this I would like to end this blog entry here and wish you a blessed Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho! Lots of love!

Xx Sophie Voonxmas2


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