Our obsession with chia seed pudding | Breakfast

Hello to everyone! How has your weekend been? I have not been writing much lately but I would like to share our recent obsession with chia seed pudding!

Obviously this is in keeping with our new transition towards healthier eating. Namely, cutting down rice, no more sugary drinks or coffee and eating out just once a month.

As you can see, I am using fruits as my toppings. These includes mango, orange, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, pomegranates. The base is always prepared the night before: a cup of fine porridge oats, a cup of steel-cut oats, 5 tablespoon of chia seed pudding, a cup of soya milk (protein plant source) and yogurt. We leave this overnight and the next day it is ready for your breakfast. You can be creative and put flavouring such as honey or peanut butter.

We have been doing this for about a month and have seen only positive results in our energy level and digestive system. Give it a try now and see positive changes in the New Year!

P/S: If you do  not know already, I do try to update our picture gallery on weekly basis. So click here to check it out if you haven’t!

Xx Sophie Voon

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