Moving to London | Our story

Yes, London is still in the same time zone as Ireland where we resided for the past  more than 15 years. Also yes, it is only an hour flight away (from Dublin). Despite this, they actually can’t be anymore different.

Ireland works with great simplicity and nothing is too much of a big deal. There is black. There is white. And there is also grey -if you want it, you’ll find it. In London (not sure if this is true for all over UK), -there is black, there is white. But that’s it. Rules are meant to be followed -not challenged and certainly not to be bend, at any circumstances. Which we kinda do all the time, in Ireland. And now, you must questioned: how is it any good if the rules are broken or stretch into ‘flexibility’?

Well, to answer your questions, I am going to give you a mountain of examples. When I went into a bus in Dublin and I have to pay Euro2.75 for my journey, but somehow I always managed to be 10 cent short, the bus driver will still always let me in. He gave me a wink and off I went. When I called my internet company and said I have been a loyal customer for the last 5 years -could they waive my installation fee (in our new home), they did. When I went to the bank and I played it dumb so that I get all my standing orders cancelled at one go (although technically I have to do it online and answer one thousand questions), they put up with me with a smile. When I travelled with a taxi (which is not very often), I also somehow never have enough cash (because I didn’t know it could be so damn expensive) and just grinned. I always (literally always) get away with it. The taxi driver didn’t even complaint but instead always sent me home safely without any fuss. That’s Ireland for you.

I never knew that one can take ‘warm hospitality’ for granted. But apparently I did.

Our move to London was not a swift one. It started off with finding one apartment to stay only to be told that the landlord is not in position to sign the lease due to ‘health’ issue (amputated hands, maybe?🙄). We had to fly the second time into London to find another apartment and put in an offer but had to wait for almost an entire week to get a ‘yes’. When we did, we were told that the landlady did not want to sign the lease because our offer is lower (bare in mind we offer at full price according to the ad in the website😤). Due to logistic reasons, we did secure the second apartment as it turned out, our ‘competitor’ can only moved in few months later whilst for us, ASAP. It might costs me a paragraph to explain all these here but it costs me 2 weeks of mental turmoil trying to sort out everything via multiple phone calls, emails and not to mention the abuse on my credit card from the multiple air-plane travel for house-hunting😞😞😞

Of course, it did not just stop there. It took us literally 2-3 weeks just to sort out simple things like getting a sim-card, bank accounts, WIFI connection, setting up electricity and water bills etc. Everything was complex, ridiculed by impractical purposeless man-made rules, inflicted by those masked in ‘professionalism’ buried in their suits. After weeks of frustrations, we managed to settle in and decided to move on, looking only at the bright side😇

Don’t worry guys, we are heading to the happier bits now, the pictures! Yayy!

I know!! 😱😱😱All these boxes were packed diligently over 3-4weeks period. We had wayyy too many things so we had to let go a lot of items. I blamed his books and he blamed my clothes. So we met in the middle😆. So we moved to this area in Greenwich and the pictures above were taken during the viewings, prior to moving in. That translates into: before our junk moves in with us😅

Below are pictures where we were trying to do unboxing (like how they did it in youtube) but I don’t think we did it right😬

As you can see, the unboxing went terribly wrong😂😂😂

Thank God, it looks much better and liveable now😍

We even invited our cousin over for a steamboat house warming! 😂 #clearlyhavenootherfriends 😅 #yetSometimes in the evening, we may take a walk along Thames river around the neighbourhood. #EmiratescablecarBeautiful skyline from our apartment’s corridor #thankfuleveryday #nofilterokayyy 🙄😆

During the weekend, we do try to visit places we have never been before. Such as this one, V&A museum. Someone was really excited! Not! 😂 #buthestilllovesme #happywifehappylife #atleastthisisfree 🤣

We also explored the little Venice via #GoBoatLondon when our cousins visited. It was fun having picnic and catching up at the same time. It might looked bright and sunny but more than anything else, it was brrrrcold!! Those chubby cheeks tho!! 😂 #finallyhehaschubbycheeksnotme #fine #foodinhismouth #notchubbyafterall 🙄

At night time, we went to Soho for dinner at Senór Ceviche. The food was good but gotta love the atmosphere here. So vibrant and alive #feltyoungforfewhours #nowwhereismygrannypants #waypastmybedtime 😴😅

Last but not least, we got to celebrate the birthday boy last weekend! #cheerstomorebirthdays #together #nobirthdaycake #oncleandiet 😜😘🤗#lovehimabittoomuch #awwwww❤️❤️❤️#KouzuRestaurant #7coursemeals #whyimstillhungry #firstworldproblemAnd then I forced him to do this #relationshipgoals #itscuteright #pleasesayitscute 🤣🤣

All in all, we are still adjusting to London’s life with its packed underground/tube, less friendly services and uptight regulations. But nevertheless, we are embracing everything else that comes with it -including endless list of places to eat, free entry to amusing museums & parks, direct flights to most destinations, free delivery services provided by most online retails, superb public transport and weekend opening hours for banks as well as post-office.

Alright guys, I think I will end the blog post entry here. Hope you like this brief writing of events about our recent move to London. Look out for more new entry next week! What do you think I should write about?? 🤔 Oooh, should I review all the Christmas markets here in London?! 🙀🤶🏽☃️🎅🏼

Happy weekend peeps and enjoy the rest of your day ❤️

XX Sophie Voon

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