Krabi, Thailand 2017

Hi everyone! Here are our photos from recent trip to Krabi as promised 🤘🏼. If you have not read my post last week about our trip back to Malaysia, please don’t be shy and click here!

As I am always somehow sun-deficient, I decided to drown myself in Vitamin D in Krabi. First of all, its off-peak season hence cheap flights and hotels. Also we do not have any other holidays left this year so I decided to squeeze in some break in between wedding frenzy and catching up with relatives. My grown up niece who is almost 12 just finished her UPSR so she tagged along! She used to be my baby but now, she is almost my height #lifeisnotalwaysfair #Iloveyouanyway #stillmybaby #dontcarewhatyousay

We stayed at Centara Anda Dhevi Resort, a walking distance to Ao Nang beach. As it is monsoon season, the sky was cloudy but still bright enough to give you warmth -which I honestly preferred. Plus, too bright of a sky is not good for my pictures anyway😜. The thing that mr.hubby loves the most though is the lack of crowd. There were still some people but not as near as congested as it would  be in June/July. There were few intermittent heavy showers⛈ but it didn’t dampen our spirit to embrace this spontaneous trip #lookingatthebrightside #ineedtojustifytherain #Ilovekrabi #Ilovekrabi #Ilovekrabi😂

The hotel was really comfortable with wide spread of food for breakfast. It was good to spend some quality times with my mom and niece. We talked about silly things and enjoyed every little inch of my mom’s paranoia. Don’t worry, she is good provided I feed her on time #youdontwanttoseeherhungry😤 #scaredformylife #whyisshestillskinny #sheforgottogivemetheskinnygenes🙄

Below are the pictures that I managed to snap away in between meals and activities. But honestly, we were just hunting for food most of the times.

This was us during breakfast time. Could spend hours here though..Hot noodles from hot food stationBreakfast areaView from the corridorHad one on one quality time with this rebellious teenager😍 #whendidshebecomesotall #iwillstillkissyouinpublicUs at Railey’s beachWe spent just few hours on Railey’s Beach and you would like to come here if you are staying at Ao Nang as it is the prettier part of Krabi. I would recommend to come earlier part of the day as we took the last boat back and it was too packed.

At night time, we squeezed in some date night just the two of us💏. Although we were quite full but it was fun just observing their culture. So we went for the classic coconut water and chickan satay #notasgoodasmalaysiansatay #ofcourse #duhh

Happy faces in the speed boat. Well. Relatively happy before someone got sea-sick!Long tail boat from Ao NangArrived at Hong Island BayThat was me dipping into the water just for the photos. It was really pretty but I wish it was quieter and more secluded. Weather was amazing though. And then we stopped at Koh Daeng for lunchSuch a beautyResting time at Koh Daeng. After that we went on to explore more of Hong islands including Lading and Pakbia.I literally just butt-touch the swing because you don’t want the rope to unravel and be like -upps, that’s me 🤣 #couldtotallyhappens Just because. I thought it was a good picture taken by yours truly 🤗😆 And she looked so happy. Well. Before someone got sea-sick. 😆 #nowyouknowwho

It was a short trip but I hope you enjoyed looking and staring at all those pictures. Hahahah. In the next blog, I am planning to unleash all the pictures we have taken so far here in London. Or, you could hop over to the GALLERY section to see our pictures! Have a nice weekend peeps!

P/S: Can you believe it’s November already??! I can’t! But I’m totally diggin’ it! 🤗

Xx Sophie Voon

‘Dare to live the life you have always wanted’

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