Malaysia October 2017

I know that I have been MIA. Missing me much? 😆

There is no specific reasons but as the title suggested I was back in Malaysia for our 2 weeks annual leave. It was mainly to attend a brother cousin’s wedding and of course to see our relatives but most importantly, to eat unlimited wanton mee -for breakfast, lunch and dinner!🤤

After our long haul flight, we arrived at KLIA almost midnight on Saturday. The following day, we collected my mother-in-law and spent some quality time with her ie. talking about health supplements, shopping and eating. The first thing on my list was to eat Nyonya Kueh so we went to Nyonya Colors at One Utama and shoved all that thing down my throat. Pronto.

Late in the afternoon, we had the privilege to meet my future sister-in-law (is it actually legal for me to type this down?🤔), Victoria. It was fun to do some catch up that time flies way too fast. 8 hours later, we decided to call it a day.

**The following morning, we flew to Krabi for a 3 nights short vacay with my family. That will require another blog-post bcuz you know, your gurl needs space for her pictures! It will be out next week so just read this one for now, kay kay?**

We came back from Krabi late Thursday so we kinda pretty much zombified😴 after that. On Friday, we spent yet another eventful day of eating and shopping with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Needless to say, I spent much more of my calories than my actual cash #practisingyogaformymouth #thatexplainstheextratwokilos #whynopictures #areyouevenSophia? 😑

The next day, I decided to spend more time with my precious niece, Casthalia and her beer-bellied dad. We went on to the petting Zoo in KL Tower. My niece is just 5 but boy, she is such a lady already! She is very eloquent in English, she is always on ‘diet’ but manages to put food in her mouth at all times, she articulates with manners and mature consideration that sometimes, it pains me that she is not more child-like #dontgrowuptoofast

Here are the snippets of us together. Love this girl way too much!😍😍😍

That evening, we spent much needed time with our cousin, the groom-to-be! Of course, the event was filled with generous amount of food and warm hospitality. The special day was coming up in the next few hours but we were all excited for the groom and bride. Plus we get to be all dolled up and makan. Yasss!!

Here are some of the pictures that I managed to get from my Lumix (which will soon be upgraded) as well as my trusted iphone 6 (does this need upgrade as well? Hmmmm.. Laogong, I love you!😆 #loveyounomatterwhattheysayaboutyou😜)

This is my ex-boyfriend💏 and the picture below is my current boyfriend. Is he cute or what?? #ijustfeedhimmilkbottle🍼 #canthelpfallinginlove #donttellmyhusband

I hope you guys had fun scrolling down the page. I have to confessed that I wasn’t as camera point-and-shoot-ready this time around #whyohwhy #NEEDSnewcamera #Christmaspleasecomesfaster

After the whole wedding galore, we just spent some time with our family. I managed to bring my mom and sister to Level 56 KL Tower for some Nobu experience. Here are some pictures that you could subdue your appetite on!

Overall, I just think it is an Okay experience. The food are nice but really, you’re paying for the premium location of Level 56 on KL Tower. If you are like me who hates pretentious things and love simple food made right, I would not recommend it. I would choose maggi goreng mamak –anytime, anyday.

Below are the real stuffs I’m talking about


I ended up flying home alone without my bestfriend aka mr.hubby as he left earlier for a conference. Upon arrival, this was the state of our kitchen.

I will catch up with my jetlag first and let my imaginary ‘helper’ to sort them out. As if.

Alright guys, hope you enjoy this simple documentation of my short journey back home. Next blog will be about Krabi and I will just let the pictures speak for that one! See ya in the next one!!

Xx Sophie Voon

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