Exploring Italy Part 2 | Pictures

Hi lovely people of the planet Earth! (wth 😂)

Another weekend is approaching so I thought may be I will try and annoy you (again) with bunch of photos?? I have been paining my eyes looking at them in my phone so I thought I might as well share the joy that they brought me 😂

Here today I am going to attach the remaining 999 pictures I have left 🤣 so grab your popcorn peeps! But if you have not seen the first part of this blog, hop over to the homepage!


Day 3

So today was the day that we made our way to Florence. But first, we were meeting up in Roma Termini for some lil breakfast! Strangely, for once, I didn’t take any pictures. So I don’t have any documentation of this but we quickly boarded our train and arrived in Florence approximately an hour later!

IMG_6161Situation in the train. Baby Sarah wasn’t impressed, at all!IMG_6310Meanwhile, in the other cabin, someone was trying to photobomb my insta-stories!

Upon arrival, we checked in to our lovely apartment. It is just a short stroll from this corner (pictured below).

It is located right where the buzz is and within walking distance to most attractions. For lunch, we had our chinese fried rice fix and later on, headed out again to Uffizi Gallery!

IMG_6159Bernard Shaw once said: You use a glass mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul. 

All I saw was art. What are you seeing? 🙈Here are lists of stuffs you could do in Uffizi Gallery; completely optional. 😉

IMG_6157-1You could use the bench to just sit down and talked about vitamin supplements..IMG_5630Or…simply posing without knowing what’s the name of the painting behind you IMG_5582Or the group photo because you brain was numbed with all the Renaissance goodness..IMG_5631Or bring your MIL to join you for #ootd  (and make sure you look better even if that means you have to edit it like a thousand times 🤣)IMG_5587Or taking emo picture that you have been dying to get as soon as you saw the big-ass window panes #FOMOisreal

We were oozing with historical Renaissance mastery after we stepped out from Uffizi Gallery -not! But I did manage to snap a pisturesque photo of Ponte Vecchio (of which in Italy means ‘Old Bridge’). This bridge now accommodates mainly jewellery shops but it once used to be occupied by butchers. IMG_5583-1

That evening, we took it easy and rested before dinner. Meanwhile, I sneaked to Ponte Vecchio and took this gorgeous sunset picture.

IMG_5626For dinner, we headed to Merkato Centrale. It was packed with humans lining up for food. The atmosphere was warm with plenty of locals enjoying their football match. Of course, a couple of beers and pizza wouldn’t hurt. 

Day 4

We woke up early just so that we could go to the local market and see for ourselves the fresh local produce. Of course, we were’t disappointed! I’m totally shock that I don’t have any pictures of Sant’ Ambrogio Market 😭 It is a farmer’s market with fresh colorful local produce which is a feast to the eye.

I do however have some pictures of our journey to/from the market. The morning walk was quiet, cool with light breeze but warming at the same time. 

A day like today reminded me of how blessed I am: fresh air, good food, legs to walk independently, time to travel and families that are always present.

We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give 

After a hefty breakfast, we slowly invade the town of Florence.

But first, gelato!! #priorities#whichgelatotogetnow #decisionsoflife #firstworldproblem

#gelatoselfie with fam bam

Next up in the agenda has got to be Piazza del Duomo! 😍Outside Baptistery of St JohnCattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore ie. Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower. And the visit shall not be complete without a shopping spree 😬😬😬Prada much? No worries, I was just exercising my customer rights. No bank account was harmed during this turbulent time 🤣😜

After a much needed rest, we made our way to Scuola del Cuoio which translates as the school of leather. It was built post world war II and is not much difference to its prime era. 

I didn’t get any leather goods as I am currently temporarily vegan 😅 -ish.

In the evening, we dined at Trattoria La Cassalinga.

 After we stuffed ourselves with pasta, we made our way to Piazzale Michaelangelo for the night view. Time to shake off all those carbs!! 😝  This is the view we climbed all the way up for. Such a great buzz. I could sit here all night long -minus the mozzies 😭

Day 5

This marked the second leg of the trip and the one I was most excited about -Cinque Terre! It is essentially 5 (fishing) villages tucked along the Italian Riviera coastline. It used to be regarded as untouched beauty of Italy but for the past recent years, it has become one of the biggest tourist attractions. ​

We trained it via Pisa and finally arrived at La Spezia at 6pm. Our apartment was spacious and we managed to checked in with the help of our friendly host/agent, Paolo.

 Of course we had pasta but the most exciting thing was the desserts. So so yummmmmmm!! 😱

Day 6

Following a well recharged night with some gentle kisses from the mosquitoes, we started off the day with a long queue for the Cinque Terre train/visiting pass.

The first stop: Corniglia Village! From here forward, I’m going to shut up and let the pictures do the talking 💙  The Voonies juggling the picnic and feeding time 😂🍼👶🏼  Even the rail track is bootiful #whatisliferightnow

My personal favourite has got to be Manarola Village!🇮🇹 Conversations be like: Should we jump? If you jump, I’ll jump 😆

Last stop: Riomaggiore Village for sunset 🤗

Day 7

This marked our last full day in Italy. The main agenda was to explore Vernazza Village; the beauty queen of Cinque Terre.       Had lunch here too! #picturesalldayerrday

Last stop: Monterosso Village🌷

Day 8

We said our goodbyes to the Voonies as they continued on with their journey to Venice. And we left Italy via Pisa.

It was certainly a tiring trip due to our pack schedule but nevertheless it was a great time catching up with the fam bam. Will certainly embraced our times together.  🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Can’t wait to see them again in October! 😘  The last #ootd before you start vomiting blood 😆

Hope you guys enjoy all the pictures! 🤣 Thanks for all your patience! Till next time! 😊

Xx Sophie Voon

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