Unconditional Love | Father’s Day Edition


Hi everyone! How have you been? This past two weeks have been rather dull. All I can say is, I am over the moon for it’s Friday! Now, today’s blog entry is quite special. It is quite personal but I think I am ready to share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy reading it! ❤

As you know, Father’s Day is approaching. Somehow today, despite my eyes 👀 closing down on me, I am very keen to share some stories about a man called Voon Kam Lin.

May be from the picture above (and the name too), you could gather that he is actually my father-in-law. I met him for the first time in December 2009 after courting my husband for 2 months (or maybe 3). They insisted that I visit them in Johor Bahru, so I did. I flew ✈️ over with hubby (who was my boyfriend then.. aisehh 😆) and he picked us up in his Mercedes car. Our ‘hi’ was brief and I shook his hand as if I was going for an interview 🤓

Later that night I was told that there was a dinner -food tasting for a family member’s wedding. It was day 1 and I was invited to his family’s food tasting dinner (already)😅?? It was nerve-wrecking but because I am quite thick-skinned🤣, I don’t think it matters. But that night, apart from shoving down all the yummy food down my throat🍡🍰🍪🍚🍜🍲, I quickly realised that I wasn’t a stranger -at all. They certainly made sure that I am not. And that was the first time I exchanged any thoughts with him. He was attentive, decisive, persuasive and champion in reasoning. As you can tell, he oozed with supreme leadership but strangely, he always felt like just a father to me.

Growing up, I kinda know what a father does. He buys you ice-cream, scolds you if you don’t do your homework and makes sure you don’t do stupid things with boys. Even though these are just basics, I am truly grateful for them. But my father-in-law was certainly not your regular guy.

He was the type of man who drove 2 hours (one-way) just to pick me up so that I could join them celebrating Chinese New Year. He was the one who packed all our belongings post-wedding day so that we, the newly weds, do not have to lift any fingers. He who rushed to the store to get me packed durians as soon as he heard in passing that I wanted to eat them. He who sang along Anak Kampung karaoke🎤 with me although Malay is not his first language. Now this type of father’s love -is very alien to me. It’s the type that tugged my heartstrings 😭😭😭


And bare in mind that he was doing all that not because he had too much time in his hands that he occupied himself with mundane little things. He was a very successful man in his own right. But when it comes to his family, it was very clear to him what was his priority. He even brought us to his office one day just so that he could juggle both work and play!






Unfortunately, my father-in-law passed away 3 years ago now after winning his battle against pancreatic cancer. It still felt like yesterday that he was with us, telling stories about his younger days, driving us around Johor Bahru for food hunt and playing Monopoly Deals. I am eternally grateful for his unspoken love that speaks louder than any words could.

Also, thank you daddy for the fresh milk you bought as you knew that I like to have my tea with it, for getting every flavour of ice-cream potong you can, for patiently watching us finishing our pool game just so that you could show us the stars 🌟 in the Milky Way,  for diligently showing me videos of your trip to Turkey (like 100 of them!), for waiting excitedly on the arrival gate each time we came back,  and lastly, for being just a father -even to me.

It was so painful to all of us losing you 😥. There is always a special place for you in our hearts ❤️💛💚💙💜. You know we love and miss you.. dearly..



Sophie Voon

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