Glamping at Rock Farm Slane | Perfect Weekend in Irish Countryside

Being a Borneo girl that I am, I knew our next weekend getaway has to be somewhere green. I am all in for the countryside -minus the mosquitoes, lack of electricity and cold. I am your type of girl who loves bon fire, sounds of crickets, waterfall.. but would also enjoy applying her makeup at ease without having to compensate for yellow casts of the candle, to shower with warm water and make a cup of tea with press of a button 😂

In order to achieve my urban desire to explore the organic greenery without losing control completely, I opted for GLAMPING. It literally means glamorous camping or extension of modernise camping. Truth to be told, I have been eyeing on this place for 2 years. There are 10 other glamping sites in Ireland but this is probably one of the best especially it being just one hour drive from Dublin.

Rock Farm Slane is located in Slane, County Meath. Just so you know, they open their website for booking from the end of January and you need to start booking then if you decided to stay in their yurt for a weekend. Otherwise it will be gone in 2 weeks 😭

If you follow my instagram and insta-stories @sophievoon you probably have seen these pictures. But I have more..😅

Above is our Ash Yurt where we stayed for the weekend. Yurt is essentially a portable tent, historically used by nomads of Mongolian and Turkish tribes. It is traditionally made of lattice of wood pieces interiorly and animal skin exteriorly. But fret not, Rock Farm is eco friendly hence no animals are being harmed in the process of making these yurts 🤗

We were greeted by Carina, the owner of this place and I was surprised by her English accent. I wondered what a beautiful English woman doing in this remote farm area but it turns out that she married an Irish man, Alex who happens to inherit these vasts of land (I think probably 10 acres or more) from his dad, Lord Henry Mount Charles. Carina who holds Master in Environmental Technologies ensure that the glamping project is eco-friendly and equipped with their proud local produce.

We drove up directly from work so our first day wasn’t as productive as we would like to. I did take few pictures of the yurt before we landed ourselves underneath its cosy warm duvet. That night, me and hubby ended up having a nice chat over the fire, remeniscing about our childhood 😍 ceta hantu, ceta hantu..


We talked up to midnight and put to sleep by the sounds of lullaby from the jungle and raindrops ☔️

The following morning, we woke up very early (530am) and after breakfast, decided to take a few more pictures around the glamping site 📸

 Korean Seafood Ramen for brekkie 😂

   Le Shack ie. communal kitchen area
 They even have their own stone bake for pizza!! 😱😱😱

 Cosy shedded area to just hang out

 Apple Shepherd hut (may accomodate up to 2 man)
 Beautiful scenery leading to River Gate

As we were so awake, we decided to get some fresh air down the Rampart Walk. It was really quiet, clean and tranquil. Our shoes were soaking wet from the mist coating the grass.

 Slane bridge

After our long walk, we decided to get some nap. And as soon as we lit up the fire, it started to rain. So lucky to be have shelter and some snacks to munch on 😆

Later that afternoon, we decided to visit Knowth. Together with Newgrange and Dowth, it is a passage tomb built by Neolithic farming communities over 5000 years ago. It is now a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  What a view!

 Later that night we dined at Inside Out -one of two restaurants you could find here in Slane 😂

 It was surprisingly packed! 🤣

We got their pizza to go and camp for the night. The next morning we went to George’s patisserie for breakfast and I realised I didn’t take picture in there, apart from my shoopid insta-facefilter. Grrr!! 😤 Before we headed back to Dublin, I managed to snap more pictures for our memoirs 😍

 ‘Why do you get to look at the camera? Why not me?’ 😑😑😑

  ‘How many more pictures you need woman?’

  Tree House

Conversation goes like: Stop smiling like me. No, you stop smiling like me. It’s my smile. 

Can we bring this door home with us? Please pleashh??
 We had so much fun in Slane, enjoying the countryside. It was completely chill and the best part was warming my feet next to the fire. We returned to Dublin totally recharged and can’t wait to bring our friends here too! Hope you guys love the pictures and remember to subscribe to our email list! Enjoy your long weekend lovelies and have a pleasant day 😘


Sophie Voon

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