Come with me: Limerick Milk Market (top spot in Limerick)


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Err, yea. Life has been busy this week. I mean, I’ve been busy. Juggling between my intentionally long breakfast at work and taking selfies with fellow colleagues -in extremely professional manner 😅

Hence the delay in this week’s blog post.

Anyhow, I’ve been living the countryside lifestyle for almost 2 months now and loving it. Limerick is just over 2 hours drive away from Dublin and yet still very exciting, thanks to its prime location. It is surrounded by medievel castles, national heritage, beautiful coast lines, tranquil cute little villages and of course, Milk Market.

When I first heard about Milk Market, I put it on my ‘to see’ rather than my ‘to do’. As if it’s a little tourist place that you need to tick off from your bucket list. Just to see, take pictures and selfies (yea, pictures and selfies are two different thing). The first time I went, I wore a rather polished look, as if I am in need of giving my first and last impression -thinking surely I won’t come back again. Wrong.

I’m now officially a Milk Market BFF. I take back on what I thought about that granny who proudly swing her shopping trolley in front of me, heading towards the Milk Market. I too, now, is one of them -desperate housewives with their bigger than life shopping trolley, brushing against each other’s shoulders, digging competitively into a bunch of organic carrots that seemingly will vanish into the thin air if you don’t buy it freakin’ this moment. I judged them, made my to way to a quieter corner and did exactly the same thing 😆

I decided to warm myself with a cup of tea and it is only right if I dip my throat with sweets while at it. I feast my eyes with these bountiful choices and boy, it is the hardest decision I ever have to make. This, my friend, is a first world problem 😂

These breads are so so good that they’re gone by 12 afternoon. They say, Go big or Go home. You don’t want to do the walk of shame as you got NO bread from the Milk Market. Some serious stuffs.

Below are some award winning eatery places where you could enjoy hot food on the go. Their ingredients are fresh with good portions. The queue is long so be prepared to drool over some unforgiving food porn near the cashier.

Bon Appetite has officially made it to #1 (things to do in Limerick) in TripAdvisor. It lives up to the hipe -maybe more.

Here are some other random things in Milk Market..

Before I headed home, I squeezed some precious time at my favourite pit-stop: The GreenApron. They make the most yummilicious jam ever. We easily finished one jam in just 2 weeks. They offer a lot of different jams and they have interesting combinations such as chocolate and raspberry jam. My favourite has to be their mixed berries jam and chargrilled pepper and chutney spread 🍯

If you come to Limerick, make sure you make a stop here. I promise you won’t regret it. It is easily one of my favourite markets in Ireland. Not only that they sell the best produce but it is just a cool locale place to just hang. With your coffee. And shopping trolley 😂

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