Food After Work

It was a normal working day. I made a point to my (big) boss that I’m only available before 5pm and unfortunately wouldn’t be able to accompany him to see a consult should he decide to appear after. The clock stroked 5pm and there I was, clutching my Guess working bag with my wind-breaker ready to go -knocking on his door. I smiled and went inside his office when he gave me the nod. 

‘Where are you going?’ He simply asked. ‘Going on a date, again?’ He continued.

I blushed, instantly. How would he knows such things?

I gave him the most pathetic smile with all the confidence I don’t even have.

‘Where are you going this time around? Which restaurant?’ He asked again. He was busy opening a box full of letters which I believed to be his pocket money from his private clinics. 

I answered ‘Somewhere in Ranelagh.’

This time his eyes beamed with the ‘I-know-all-about-Ranelagh’ sort of look. And I know, I rubbed him the right way.

He went on and on with his lists of foodie places as he has decided that he knows it best:



-La Bodega

-etc. etc.

I have a fixed smile on my face. I still want to sneak out at 5pm without causing him much anger and without throwing it to his face -that I have been to all those places. But how am I suppose to do it politely? ;p

He looked at my face and suddenly ‘Arg! I bet you haven’t been to this place. I bet you.’ It sounded like he is competing against himself while I got myself entertained. It’s a funny sight; seeing him all worked out about me going on a date with my husband. That’s one of many amazing facts about my (big) boss. 

‘It’s Brioche. French-tasting restaurant. I bet you haven’t been there,’ he keeps on repeating himself.

He’s right. I have never been. So off we went. To this small chic place called Brioche, Ranelagh. It is located off the main street ;embraced by warm yellow lights and cosy booth. Conquering an area of less than 400sqft,it somehow managed to amuse me, from corner to corner.  

Browsing through the menu,I made up my mind rather quickly. Here were some pictures I took:

CHICKEN: terrine of thigh, pistachio crust, charred baby onion, pickled mushroom, wild asparagus.  Rating 5/10

THORNHILL DUCK: pan-seared Thornhill duck breast, artichoke purée, glazed new season cherries, cherry gel. Rating 10/10

BEEF: Onglet steak, potato croquette, baby carrots, carrot chips & carrot purée. Rating 9/10

LAMB: lamb breast, herb stuffing, lamb sweetbreads, garden pea puree, mint gel, lamb jus. Rating 9/10

These are all rather small portions, so you’re expected to order 2 to 3 courses each. So we did. We were not full but not hungry either. I think I could do with 2 plates of the duck dishes. YUMS! To satisfy that sweet cravings, we went to our favourite pastry chef: M&S. These Petite Patisserie is a bargain with 10 small sweet goodies. Love them. And I could finish them all in one day..

So, tell me what is your favourite sweet favourites?  Xx

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